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Grand Piano in Blackburn Market

14th December 2012

Categories: Town Centre News

 Is Blackburn Market the first market to have its own Grand Piano?

Musical Shoppers to Blackburn Market now have a fantastic opportunity to play a wonderful Bechstein grand piano. The piano is for the use of anyone who wishes to promote musical events, piano lessons or can simply play the piano. If you would like to come & play please ask at the Coffee Exchange in the Market or email info@freshapproachin.biz

 ……For interest

            Freddie Mercury, from Queen, played a Bechstein in the best selling album “A Night at the Opera”

            The Beatles used a Bechstein to record “Hey Jude”

            Bob Dylan played a Bechstein at the ABC Theatre, Edinburgh

            Elton John recorded “Your Song” on a Bechstein.

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