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High Hives!

10th September 2013

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 High Hives!

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council are supporting the campaign to save the Honey Bee by installing beehives on the roof of the Town Hall and ensuring any future planting carried out by the Council contains bee friendly varieties. 

This forms part of an initiative driven by town centre businesses and the Business Improvement District team who are working together to drive and develop new initiatives that will help enhance the shopping experience and make the town an attractive venue for all.

The plight of the bee has been high profile over recent months with celebrity endorsements from all over the country including Bill Turnbull from the BBC, Designer Vivienne Westwood and Blackburn designer Wayne Hemingway who quoted....

''Bees are essential to our livelihood. They work their wings off for us every day, pollinating plants that provide food for us and the animals on our farms. We wouldn't be here without them.  Groundwork Pennine Lancashire is driving awareness and the plight of the Honey Bee in a creative way.  Installing a hive on the roof of British Home Stores, visible from the Town Hall link bridge, is a small part of their project. The Big BEE Trail, soon to hit Blackburn town centre, will comprise large fibreglass bees and 'flower towers' that will advertise companies involvement and fund the installation of more hives. They will also brighten up the town centre with artworks and bee friendly flowers. Here at Hemingway Design we have a BIG idea for our Bee, that's under wraps for now though!  Personally I am very supportive of this entire campaign and eager to see it succeed.''

Nick Riley, Director at Groundwork Pennine Lancashire said: “Our organisation prides itself on innovation that brings environmental benefit. Breeding and promoting an awareness of the importance of Bees is key to their survival and providing urban bee hives is key to growing a healthy population. Involving local business in the development of the town’s Bee Trail will bring local involvement and wider communities together and give people an opportunity to find out what the wider range of shops has to offer.’’

Gwen Kinloch, Environmental Strategy & Projects Manager,‘’The bee planting has brought colour and life to Blackburn town centre and provided an oasis for wildlife.  It's a small but important project that contributes to our ambition for a sustainable borough with space for wildlife and quality open space for people.’’

Phillip Ainsworth of Ainsworth Jewellers (AJ’s) is also the secretary of Blackburn Bee Keepers Association (BBKA) and will maintain the first ‘High Hive’:  “I have always be fascinated with bees, they really are our natural ‘gems’ when it comes to working hard!  I am more than happy to give a little of my time to support this initiative. We are the oldest business still in existence within the town and we intend staying for future generations. Innovation within towns is key to where we  believe our future lies, if the Bee Trail brings in more visitors and gets them to explore the extremities of the town and support all our shops, that has to be a good thing’’

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