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Green Light for Enviromall Week

5th June 2014

The Mall Blackburn is kicking off its annual Enviromall Week on World Environment Day (Thursday 5th June).

This year’s focus is to tackle the overuse of plastic bags after startling statistics revealed that over 10 billion plastic bags are used every year and end up in landfill sites, where they take hundreds of years to breakdown.

To celebrate the official Enviromall Day on Sunday 8th June, The Mall is staging its Great British Bag Swap, which allows shoppers to take 10 plastic carrier bags to the centre’s Ask Me Point where they will be swapped for a free cotton shopper bag for life.

There will also be an eco-friendly workshop that will allow families to create their own unique Bag for Life with the help of a professional artist from The Creation Station.

Loraine Jones, General Manager at The Mall Blackburn, said: “The statistics surrounding the use of plastic bags really are shocking and we want to a play a part in addressing these issues.

“Hopefully our Great British Bag Swap and eco-friendly workshop will encourage people to think differently about green issues.

“We have also pulled together a list of top tips for reusing any plastic bags that people may have.

“We look forward to welcoming shoppers to our exciting events and can’t wait to see what wonderful carrier bag creations they come up with!”

Top Tips – Smart ways to reuse your plastic bags and help save the planet!

·      Reuse your plastic bag every time you go shopping! Keep a plastic bag with you all the time so you won’t be tempted to use any additional plastic carrier bags.

·      Swap your plastic carrier bags for a Bag for Life from the Mall! (while stocks last).

·      Turn plastic bags into bin liners.  Keep plastic bags around the house to replace bin liners in the bathroom, office and bedrooms. Keep them anywhere you have a small bin.

·      Put worn out plastic carrier bags in recycling points - many larger stores have collection points for carrier bags to be recycled by shoppers.

·      If you shop online and receive a supermarket delivery, give the bags back to the driver or when you make your next purchase so that they can be reused.

·      Scrunch plastic bags up to cushion delicate items being sent in the post.

·      Use old plastic bags as a rain cover for your bike.

·      If you have kids, poke small holes in a carrier bag and hang it in the shower to drain their toys in between bath times.

·      Ball up bags, stuff them into bags and purses to help them keep their shape when you are not using them.

·      If you’re crafty, you can create amazing craft products from the plastic bags.  Cut them into strips and create items such as dog lead, jewellery or even belts. 

Families wanting to take part in the Enviromall Day master class art activity, which will run from 11.30am until 4.30pm, can pre-register at the Ask Me Point or turn up on the day.

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