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Mermaid in Blackburn Market !!

11th August 2014

Categories: Town Centre News

Market traders and shoppers will be stunned to see a living mermaid appear alongside the fresh fish and seafood at Mayers Fishmongers at Blackburn Market.  The stunt has been arranged by the organisers of the Blackburn Heritage Festival to promote the Carnival of Curiosities – a Victorian style travelling circus featuring vintage traders, an apothecary bar and weird and wonderful traders including peep show sidestalls and performances including a living mermaid, a mummified unicorn and a Willy Wonka style sweet shop with a dwarf actor which will be set within a Victorian fairground on King William Street with carousel and traditional wooden helter skelter next to the Mall car park steps and clock tower.

The Carnival of Curiosities will be outside the town hall on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September from 10am – 5pm as part of the Blackburn Heritage Festival

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