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Blackburn Youth Zone's Strongman/Strongwoman contest

1st September 2015

Categories: Town Centre News

Blackburn Youth Zone is holding their annual Strongman/Strongwoman contest on Saturday 5th of September.

The Strongman/Strongwoman event is held every year in Blackburn’s Town Centre, for members of the Youth Zones to go head-to-head in a series of strength and endurance challenges. Ten girls and ten boys from across the Youth Zone network will compete this year, with a variety of events including flipping tractor tyres, deadlift and squat challenges, and 2015’s new extreme challenge of the minibus pull.

Participants from Blackburn Youth Zone will be completing a full week of rigorous training leading up to the event at Blackburn Youth Zone’s state-of-the-art gym, which is open daily for young people aged 8–18 for just 50p. Last year’s Strongman/Strongwoman competition winners were Blackburn residents Haroon Sabir and Tonicha Moorby.

Along with the young people from Blackburn Youth Zone and other Youth Zones in the area, famous strongmen Mark Felix, Wayne Fulton, and Ben France will be attending the competition on to lend their support to the competitors and show everyone how it’s done.

“It’s really exciting for all the gym members to have the chance to test themselves in front of a crowd,” said Cheick Traore, Blackburn Youth Zone’s Gym Manager. “It’s going to help them push even harder and show everybody what they’re made of.”

Watch the event live with famous strongmen on King William Street from 11AM till 4PM this Saturday.

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