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Help fund Fun Palaces at The Bureau in October 2017

2nd September 2017

Categories: Town Centre News

Last year The Bureau, Blackburn (bureaublackburn.co.uk) managed to secure funding to enable us to take part in a nationwide event called Fun Palaces (funpalaces.co.uk/about/). Because we all had such a fantastic time, we have decided to do it again. This year the event will take place on Saturday 7th October 2017 .

The idea behind Fun Palaces is the belief that there is ‘genius in everyone, in everyone an artist and everyone a scientist, and that creativity in community can change the world for the better. We believe we can do this together, locally, with radical fun – and that anyone, anywhere, can make a Fun Palace.’

We would have to agree!


Fun Palaces is a free community event and we would like it to continue that way. Unfortunately funding for events is very limited, and on this occasion we have been unable to secure any. As an organisation run by volunteers on limited funds we need to make sure that it is financially viable (so we can pay bills etc.). We have estimated that it will cost around £1500 to put on the event, and hope that you will help us gather enough contributions to make this another wonderful experience for us all. If you have attended past events at The Bureau, plan to attend this year’s Fun Palaces (or other future events), or simply want to support the work that we do at The Bureau so that we can continue to blossom, please do donate. Even small donations help, they all add up and can help us make a difference.

In a recent report by Government Advisor Ted Cantle, Blackburn was identified as being ‘the most segregated town in Britain’. As communities become more polarised, there are few opportunities to meet. At The Bureau we are committed to bringing together families from different communities across Blackburn to learn, make and celebrate life together. We want to celebrate the similarities of our different communities rather than focus on our differences. So please help us come together, have fun and help change the world for the better!


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