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Acid House Flashback Launch

28th April 2020

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A New Archive Created To Capture The Memories of Rave Parties Scene In Blackburn, Lancashire.

At the end of the 1980s, a small and determined group of young people reclaimed the empty warehouses and mills of Blackburn so they could throw ‘Parties for the People – by the people.’

The media called them Raves.

This is the people’s story…

FLASHBACK is a new archive that has captured the oral histories of the individuals who attended the Acid House parties in Blackburn between 1988 and 1991, preserving the moments these people choose to remember and celebrate, 30 years on. This new archive has been created in response to work produced by British Textile Biennial artist-in-residence Jamie Holman for last year’s festival.

It has been launched online at www.acidhouseflashback.co.uk today and will later be available at Lancashire Archives. With over 7 hours of recollections to listen to with 33 participants, these will be joined by further interviews after the launch. FLASHBACK captures a significant moment that transformed UK youth culture as well as providing a snapshot of the rebellious spirit of 20th century Northern England.

READ MORE HERE or more importantly go to acidhouseflashback.co.uk read the stories, share with your friends and share your own stories if you have them via twitter, instagram or facebook!

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