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Blackburn -a town of hopeless romatics!

13th February 2013

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Blackburn is a town of hopeless romantics not just on Valentine’s Day but all year round according to a survey conducted by Blackburn Market.

163 shoppers and traders in the market of all ages were questioned about love and how they celebrated Valentine’s Day. While 75% of those questioned said they celebrated the special day, a whopping 79% said that they told their partner that they loved them every day.

The majority of those who celebrated Valentine’s Day did so with cards, gifts, flowers and a meal out (86%), while 11% treated their partner to a special home cooked meal. Only a lucky 3% celebrated with a weekend trip away.

But when it comes down to how much love-struck Blackburnians are prepared to spend on their Valentine, it seems the value of their love is not counted in cash terms! Just 3% said “the sky’s the limit” on presents, while 4% said they’d spend “as little as they could get away with”!

Meanwhile, 93% are taking to heart the state of the nation to “spend within their means”.

Of those who didn’t celebrate, 47% simply felt it is too commercial, 30% said they didn’t need a special day to tell their partner they loved them, and 15% declared they just weren’t romantic enough – they definitely need a visit from cupid!

67% of respondents believe in love at first sight, with 61% having experienced it, another 10% had experienced it but sadly it wasn’t reciprocated.

When asked what the worst Valentine’s presents were, the most unromantic responses included a packet of pegs, a set of tea towels, a DIY voucher  and a rather awkward one, a bouquet of beautiful flowers which weren’t from the recipient’s partner .

Commenting on the results, Debra Houldsworth, Deputy Commercial Manager at Blackburn Market said, “Romance is certainly alive and kicking in Blackburn and it’s particularly heart-warming that so many Blackburnians make an effort to tell their partner that they love them every day.

“Many though clearly see Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to indulge their partners a little with traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates and a nice meal out or at home, but avoid the pegs or it may just be you hung out to dry on the line!”

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