The Leeds and Liverpool Canal

The 127-mile long Leeds and Liverpool Canal is thought by many to be the finest in England, with spectacular Pennine views, fascinating staircases of locks and the sturdy architecture of mills, warehouses and cottages. Constructed between 1770 and 1816 it rapidly became one of the most prosperous canals in the country and played a major part in bringing industry to the towns through which it past.

In 1810 the first barges to arrive in Blackburn brought yarn, tallow, molasses, oil, lead, timber, malt, and 380tons of coal. The canal brought agricultural produce and raw cotton and coal to Blackburn and took away the processed cotton cloth. The price of cotton fell and production increased. The size of the mills grew and because of their need for water and coal they were built along the canal. There were 39 mills by the canal, which was used for day trips for mill workers. 

Download a leaflet showing the route of the Leeds Liverpool Canal through Blackburn, it's bridges & locks & how to access the towpath, : Click Here

The Canal & River Trust are in the process of devloping a new Blackburn Heritage Trail along the Leeds Liverpool Canal. The first QR code has been put in place on the canal at Daisyfield Mill. This enables visitors with mobile android devices to download information about the Mill & it's heritage as they walk along the towpath. The information is also available from the Canal & Rivers Trust's web site: .

Daisyfield Mill QR code

A local company, Graham & Brown, have helped to give one of our canal bridges a colourful make over with help from the designs of their fabulous wallpaper: (Sour Milk Hall Bridge No 104 (Harwood Street)) This has recently been filmed by ITV and hopefully it will be part of a series of programs where John Sergeant is travelling the waterways of the UK.

For more information about the Leeds Liverpool Canal & its heritage, visit  or

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